Bias in Digital Product Development

10 AM PST Monday

It’s hard to know what you don’t know.

Issues of bias in AI and data are well known. But unintentional bias about a user’s social group can enter the design process at many points…without our notice.

Research shows that even the most popular digital health tools are not consistently usable for diverse patients. This is especially problematic in light of social inequalities. Low-income, racially or ethnically diverse populations bear a disproportionate burden of chronic disease.

If you care about this, I want to hear from you.Come to this session if you’re a designer, engineer, business developer, sales or marketing pro, who cares about equity in access.

Join us on Zoom at 10 AM PST on Monday, July 27th

I want to hear the concerns you have. Because I’m designing a new course to teach digital pros about how to address bias in their everyday work. Your questions and concerns are what really matters.

I’ve taught many groups about how bias hides in ordinary routines, terms, and processes...but I want to know what’s bugging YOU, digital pros.

Dr. Anne Marie Liebel
Health Communication Partners

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