Can we move faster than a virus?

In the past 24 hours, 277 people died from COVID-19

Imagine yourself in a historic moment. Would you have recognized it? Would you have taken the opportunity to change the world?

Now, take a look around. Hundreds are dying daily. Economies are being shaken. It doesn’t take much awareness to realize that COVID-19 is OUR historic moment. When you look back on this moment, what will you say that you did?

  • Are you an AI expert? How can you use your skills against COVID-19?

  • Hardware expert? Can you drop the cost of expensive diagnostic equipment? Make designs open source and shareable around the world?

  • Healthcare professional? What do your patients need? What new problems or innovations are you seeing that others should know about?

  • Designers, how can you help millions of people digest overwhelming data and drive calls to action?

  • Good at spotting problems? We need you to identify solution areas that people aren’t yet working on.

If there’s something you could beta test as part of a COVID-19 response, now is the time. Viruses move quickly… let’s see if we can go faster.


Join us and teams from and to make solutions and to make history. We’re organizing a virtual hackathon ASAP (because we have to).

UPDATE: Our first COVID-19 hackathon is complete! Subscribe below to get updates and hear about what’s next.

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